welcome to blazesr "The MMORPG you've always wanted"

BlazeSR is a Action MMORPG I’ve been working on for quite some time now.  It utilizez the OpenMW engine which is an engine that a group of developers made to run TheElderScrolls:3 Morrrowind.  Its is vastly improved over the original engine fixing almost all bugs and inserting many new features like the use of Normal Maps.   Tes3mp Is a mod that again a group of developers made for OpenMW so it is playable online now.  I made a server Focused on balancing the game.  I’ve added countless hours of content completely revamped portions of the game for example alchemy and enchanting.  And I’ve also made substantial changes to some game mechanics like Stamina usage, Health scaling, and much more,  Whether you enjoy PVE or PVP there is plenty to da.  I designed many dungeons and instances for solo and group play, I have Structured PVP and openm World (TDM, BattleRoyal, Capture the Flag).  Added over 2500 different weapons and armors.  for a more detailed description when you join the server just type /serverinfo

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