Installer Instructions BlazeSR

Inkstall Blaze SR

It is very simple to install my Client here are the instructions, click the button to go to all of my install files in my google drive; Base version, graphics overhaul and detailed Readm Me's for both.

To install my client Blaze SR you will need: A fresh install of Morrowind GOTY edition.  It can be purchased from for $5USD or Steam not on  sale for $15USD if you have something against g2a. Once finished Installing Morrowind I would reccomend moving it to C:\Morrowind otherwise you will have to edit your cfg file manually. (SideNote:Do not install or leave installation of morrowind in default steam directory otherwise it will not work). You can get Morrwind GOTY:E from g2a $USD here

install Instuctins continued...

You will now need to install my Blaze SR Client, you can do so by using the nav menu, click the Heading of this info box, or visit my repo. Once you have downloaded the zip file you will want to extract the folder inside anywhere on your computer. Open the extracted folder and run the .exe It will install to C:\BlazeSR by default which I reccomend that way you won't have to configure your cfg file manually. Once the wizard finishes installing close it down, go into your C\BlazeSR folder and you will fine an OpenMWWizard.exe run that program. It will wask where your morrowind installation is point it to the C:\Morrowind\Data Files. Now you will go back to your C:\BlazeSR folder and run the BlazeSR Launcher - .exe It will update your game. Run it a second time and you will be in the server Enjoy!